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Lauren Mills
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Lauren Mills A throw back beachy sound crossed with some grungy lo-fi goodness. Each song has it's own interesting depth, I can't get enough. Favorite track: PISS & VINEGAR.
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grysom Fucking weird, great and funny at the same time. Exactly how I like it. :) Favorite track: A REAL KEEPER.
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released October 24, 2015

Recorded @ Radiotron Studio / Produced & Mixed by Martin Prikryl / Mastered by Dan Vaclavek / Special thanks to everyone I ripped off / 4APX



all rights reserved


LAZER VIKING Prague, Czech Republic

Sloppy love songs about pizza, horror movies, cigarettes, wrestling and naps.

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I wanna watch some Carpenter with you
And eat a pizza during the movie too
I wanna see you sweat and hear you fart
And treasure each and every fart very close to my heart

Or maybe we should watch some Romero
Learn from the zombies how to take it slow
While we chain-smoke through packs of cigarettes
And never once mention the fact that our lives are a mess

Some girls like flowers
Some like Evil Dead
But a real keeper
Is the girl who’s always down for a nap

Maybe I’ll just rip off your clothes instead
And we’ll get dirty on my twin size mattress
Got time, I checked, the sun is not up yet
And then you promised me some eggs for breakfast
I don't know you
Though I thought that I did before
And I don't like you
No I don't like you anymore
So please stop calling
Trying to get me on the phone
'Cause I don't want you
And frankly I think you're a bore

Sure there were times
When we were having so much fun
Those all turned sour
How long'd you think this would go on
Like that one time
When we made love on the kitchen floor
But that's just the past
'Cause I don't want you anymore

'Cause you
Don't deserve to be happy

I don't know you
You're not the same you were before
And I like the new you
Everything about it and so much more
So please call me back
I'm dyin' here by the telephone
And I know where you live
In fact I'm waiting at your door

'Cause I can't believe
How I could leave you all alone
The tears you cried
Came to pick them up off the floor
So baby let me in
It's raining and I'm freezing cold
Oh yeah and I'm sorry
Must've been drunk when I called you a whore

'Cause you
You deserve to be happy

And so they made up
Had steaming sex on the kitchen floor
But now she's all sad
Seems he's much worse than he'd been before
And he don't even care
Already one foot out the door
'Cause maybe
They just don't know how to be happy
Darling, I’m broken, I’m hurtin' real bad
The reason I’m callin' is I’m dying inside
And to let you know how I love you so
Although I know that I’m ugly

Baby don’t hang up, yes, I know it’s been too long
And I know that you think everything I do is so wrong
But one day I’ll prove that my love was true
One day I’ll bring home the title

Pumpkin, I know that they say I’m a freak
But under these muscles and mask hides a heart so frail oh so weak
They can pull out my hair, hit me with a chair
But nothing can tame this feeling

Don’t say it’s over, I’ll call collect later
Got unfinished business with the Undertaker
Just know that it’s true that I’m black and blue
For nobody else but you
Typical girls get upset too quickly
Typical girls can't control themselves
Typical girls are so confusing
Typical girls - you can always tell
Typical girls don't think too clearly
Typical girls are all so predictable

Typical girls try to be
Typical girls very well

Typical girls are always looking for something
Typical girls fall under spells
Typical girls buy magazines
Typical girls feel like hell
Typical girls worry about spots, fat, and natural smells
Stinky fake smells

Can't decide what clothes to wear
Typical girls are sensitive
Typical girls are emotional
Typical girls are cruel and bewitching
She's a femme fatale
Typical girls stand by their man
Typical girls don’t rebel
Typical girls are really swell

Who invented the typical girl?
Who's bringing out the new improved model?
And here’s a plot twist I think you’ll enjoy
Typical girl gets her typical boy

Get typical!
When someone loves you
But you don’t love them back
When you say no
But they just can’t get their head around that

Start worrying, baby
It’s not over yet
You should have watched out, girl
You better your step

‘Cause late at night
While you’re sleeping in your bed
Keep one eye open

They’ll do something about it
They might do something about it

You know I love you
Why don’t you love me back
Is it my hair, my breath
Or is it something I said

Don’t matter that you’re just sixteen
Get it out of your head
And please stop crying
Or I’ll do something about it

Didn’t wanna hurt you
But there’s no turning back
And you look so pretty
With those bruises round your neck
Hush, little baby
Now we wouldn’t wanna wake up your dad
Tell me you love me

Or I’ll do something about it
I know that it feels
Like you heard this before
Cause I stole all the chords
Estranged, lost for words
For these days I don‘t care about nothing else
How it sucks so hard we have to say goodbye
Though in the back of my head flickers a neon sign
Which reads: „You knew she’d be leaving“

Fuck It All

And I don’t know why it feels
Like I’ve been here before
Cause if there was an award
For being the first to leave
Then my walls would be lined floor to ceiling
How many years spent hoping we’ll once get to meet again
Useless phone calls away and bleak letters sent
Till we’re both numb enough to start over

No use to search the world around
‘Cause you know where I’ll be found
Track Name: PISS & VINEGAR
Sat down in a box on the side of the road
A sign next to me saying Going for Broke
Praying for you to come pull me out of the gutter
Keep me safe and sound tangled tight into each other
Found an abandoned coat sewn together with lies
The pockets were empty but are soon to be filled
With the light from your eyes

The tattoo on my chest spells out Your Name above my heart
A laughable promise that we’d never part
While the tips of my shoes always point at the door
And you wonder if I’d slept with my back to you before
What once felt this close to paradise
Now only ricochets off walls of these sleepless nights

Leave me in a box on the side of the street
The sign next to me saying Let It Bleed
Pray for rain to come wash me into the gutter
I’ll keep warm just thinking ‘bout your future lovers
Got my best suit on stitched with denial
The lapels lined with your longing cries
For buttons botched goodbyes

The scar over my heart proves I’m a taker not a giver
What would you expect from a man of waning vigor
Go ahead and try to call me up on the phone
There’ll be no answer cause nobody‘s at home
The machine clicks like a pull of a trigger
A broken record skips
Out surfin’ down a river of piss and vinegar
Why do you worry 'bout dying
When somewhere out there
There’s a pizza getting cold

Why do you worry 'bout the future
When come what may
It’s gonna happen anyway

Why do you always call me crying
Think you’re the only one too young
To be getting old
Ending up stranded and all alone
When you’re so sure
Why do you worry
Why do you worry at all
Let me tell you ‘bout a place I know
Right in the heart of Chicago
My favorite public access TV Show
You bet I‘m talking ‘bout Chic-A-Go-Go

I wanna be on Chic-A-Go-Go

I’m gonna get on board a big white plane
Fly across the ocean to the US of A
I’m not wasting one more god damn day
If it’s the last gig that I’m gonna play

I wanna dance with them crazy kids
Lip-sync like mad to my greatest of hits
Then eat a slice of deep dish pizza pie
I won’t stop tryin till the day I die

I wanna be on Chic-A-Go-Go
Meet Miss Mia and get to talk with Ratso
Wanted, wanted: The Latest Craze.
Hair: brown. Lips: scarlet.
Age over five thousand eight hundred days.
Profession: none, or "starlet".

Where are you hiding, oh Latest Craze?
Why are you hiding, darling?
Oh balmy days and palmy bays,
In cars, and bars, my Carmen!

My heart is limping, oh Latest Craze.
While you’re out dancing, darlin’.
Your skin tight Levis, the stagnant dream haze.
And I, in my corner, snarlin’.

Dyin’, I’m dyin’ of Latest Craze.
But her gaze just never flinches.
And her socks are white, and I love her so,
As further away she inches.

She shall be dumped where weed decays.
Face mangled, blood scarlet.
Ninety nine pounds is all she weighs.
The rest is rust and stardust.
The other night they were playing our song
Hadn’t heard it in oh so long
And I tried hard just to soften you
Grown tired of trying to change for you

Though time to time I wind up laying here at night
Thinking ‘bout the other guy holding you tight
Sure people change but some never do
They gain a piece but they lose one too

No matter what he ever do for you
He can never love you like I used to
And if I’d leave her and you’d leave him
Would we ever get it back again?