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I'm the goddamn worst at letting things go I've seen too much I wish I could unsee Every shade of blue gray tired and bruised Wings that just won't heal Been around long enough to learn the lingo Every poison tongue man's known to speak The cruel whisper of love never was enough Slave to my own greed Listen to the sound shaking your windows The one true manifest of how I feel Harsher than the sun unmerciful bar none Epitome of grief You're the goddamn worst at letting things show It's like your heart could never skip a beat Always on the run a locked and loaded gun All that I hold dear
YR BODY 03:09
I feel stuck trying it’s like I can’t succeed Still picking up the pieces getting back up on my feet My heart and soul haunted tortured with fear I spend the days and nights obsessing 'bout what could’ve been I miss your body I want nobody else I won’t let you leave Baby come back Think about you nonstop I know I fucked up But I want nobody else Baby come back Ignore my foolhardy attempts to remedy That you no longer see the two of us are meant to be Cuz there’s a bonfire burning up in me With all the sparks flying I’m not surprised you’re keeping clear I know it’s hard to hear it I blame it all on me I know that you've been crying I know I cut you deep I know I hurt you Baby that you need time to heal I keep my distance but it's killing me
Are you a vision Are you just a figment of my cruel imagination Are we on a collision course Feels like we're flying far too close to the stars Maybe it's an overreaction but I swear That you were put here just to unbreak my heart I can't resist the attraction Oh Baby won't you tear me apart Tell me that you love me tell me everything will be ok Tell me that you'll never leave oh tell me that you're here to stay Tell me that you love me tell me everything will be ok Tell me that you love me tell me that you love me love me love me I need a brand new addiction And you are what the doctor prescribed Give me some of that action I'm sick of driving sixty-five per hour
OH BOI 02:21
You and I were meant to be now we're just a memory oh boy Close your eyes all you'll see me and you you and me oh boy Life is fucking misery now that we are history oh boy Easier than one two three baby I will always be your toy Cuz you’re the sugar in my tea the insult to my injury oh boy One day you'll come back to me could it be oh boy I said one day you'll come back to me could it be should it be oh boy Living large living free the way that it's supposed to be oh boy Cuz life is just a fantasy sit back take it easy enjoy All the lips you'll soon be kissing Wondering if there's something missing oh boy Your boy
I go to parties I'm just a sucker for having the time of my life Yeah I don't like it much But I'm a-keep on coming back Hungry for a bullet to bite Every night Nothing to salvage here I’m holding out for my kind of humankind But it’s a challenge it’s such a challenge Cuz your eyes promise so much fun Too much fun Hardly excited Something is telling me I’m definitely dead inside I like your body sure yeah But I can’t stand the things coming out of your mouth Out of your vapid loose-lipped mouth You want it easy I want it right Don’t care for games but I'll play along just out of spite So don’t you tease me cuz I just might But know I’m real hard to love when they turn on the lights
Don't worry 'bout it Baby Ain't nothing but a broken heart And it's been getting better lately Didn't even leave a scar Don't worry 'bout it Baby I heard that all it takes is time And the future that we've painted A dream we'll have to kiss good-bye Don't worry 'bout it Baby From here on out we'll play it smart There's someone out there waiting I'm sure they'll be a superstar
You got it yeah you got it goin’ on Are you somebody’s baby I’ve got this feeling we might get along Though feelings do tend to betray me All the boys and girls wanna be seen All the boys and girls ain’t who they seem All the boys and girls haunt your dreams Way too good at looking bored in jeans I’m falling for you by default And I thought nothing could scare me Aren’t you just perfect to a fault Oh Lord please let me down gently Say am I right or am I just all wrong What I’m looking for is a definite maybe Because I’m dying to belong Desperate to be the way they be
Mohn Cheree tell me you still think of me I've got every place to go Cheree There's just nobody there for me Mohn Cheree tell me what's wrong with me I can't get you off my mind Cheree I swear that I'll change if that's what you want from me Mohn Cheree tell me you'll come back for me There's so much still left to do yet to see But there's nobody here to show me what's real


released October 21, 2022

Written & performed by Lazer Viking
Produced & mixed by Tomas Havlen
Mastered by Lukas Turza @ Snap Mastering
Cover photo by Josh Scott


all rights reserved



LAZER VIKING Prague, Czech Republic

Prague's infamous rock'n'roll enfant terrible turned synth-pop overlord


My Se Ozvem s.r.o.
+420 775 614 372

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