We’re growing old and useless
Running out of tricks we’ve up our sleeves
Our trophy scars and bruised lips
Tell glorious tales of forlorn vanities

Too cruel and ruthless
The past’s been nothing but a menace to me
A lax and tired Medusa
Her head immersed in Joyce’s Ulysses

Long Live the New Flesh
As dawn turns into day then sinks to grief
We wail “Ist der ruf erst ruiniert
Dann lebt es sich ganz ungeniert“

We‘re growing old and useless
Out of stones to throw and gall to bleed
Our bold tattoos and loose lips
Mere Indian burns of who we used to be

Way too cool and clueless
The truth is nothing but a menace to me
Hollow-eyed and toothless
Sucking on its thumb for all to see


from FLESH CADILLAC (BiggBoss, 2016), released September 3, 2016



all rights reserved


LAZER VIKING Prague, Czech Republic

Sloppy love songs about pizza, horror movies, cigarettes, wrestling and naps.

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